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Transportes Peñon Blanco is part of a very important Transportation Group. Click to see the complete information:

Transportes Peñon Blanco was founded in Monterrey, N.L., offering federal cargo transportation service, mainly to the metallurgical, oil and cement industry in México.

Due to the efficiency and quality of our service, it was possible for us to increase the number of clients in different areas of the industry.

In June of 2013, the group acquired TT Servicios Especializados, a company with 38 years of experience in the mining industry.

Institutionalization. In February of 2015, as part of an institutionalization strategy, Grupo Peñón Blanco established an Administration Board including 3 successfull external businessmen.

Expansion. JCC was founded in February of 2017, a new car transport company. In May, we launched 2 programs of Integral Personal Quality, convinced that quality work is achieved with quality people.

MISION: To be the best option for our clients, shareholders, employees and suppliers, through a Distinctive Quality in Logistics.

VISION: The best value for clue mainstays:

The best and most reliable option.

A worthy place offering integral growth opportunities.

Honest business relationships.

Normative compliance and being socially active.

The best profitability in the industry.


To say and act with the truth, to be decent, whole and consistent with the truth.

Give each one what he deserves.

Doing what must be done and how it should be done, assuming its consequences.

We take care of the profitability and giving a timely solution to commitments and established deadlines.

We use what is necessary to carry out our task, avoiding all type of trash and excesses.

We follow the established rules.

Safeguard the integrity of people and the en-vironment through risk prevention measures.

Dialogue to inform, listen and understand our colleagues, clients and shareholders, in a timely, necessary and reliable manner.

We have a legitimate interest in solving cus-tomers’ problems and serving them with kindness and opportunity.

Mutual support to be more productive and achieve the goals of internal and external customers.

It is the ability to generate original solutions in our value chain by implementing them successfully.

Fulfill the clients expectations every time, with commitment and participation.

We foster and strengthen our staff growth, seeking to be better in a professional, familiar and personal way.


In order to provide a better service to our clients, Transportes Peñon Blanco has bases or patios of operation in (As well as TT Servicios especializados in Matehuala, SLP):

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    Monterrey, NL

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    Altamira, Tamps

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    Manzanillo, Colima