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Eliminating The Double Trailer Would Not Be An Option

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To eliminate the double trailer in trucks of load was a proposal that was taken to the Congress of Tamaulipas in 2016; however, carriers said that law is not possible as they will raise transportation costs by up to 80 percent. “We don’t see this happening in the near future, one of the main reasons is that the service cost will substantially rise, coupled with the scarcity of operators there are, with an emphasis on the events that have taken place and that in some way have responsibility” said Eduardo Lozano, member of CENSECAR and councilor of the City of Nuevo Laredo.

Lozano explained that what damages the roads and tracks is not the fact of having a double trailer but the exceeding of the limits of weight for a load. He assured that not respecting the specified standards makes people think that only trucks with one trailer should be used.

“Tamaulipas has the right infrastructure for this type of load, as long as the norms of weight and dimension are respected, but unfortunately we do not often follow these regulations, we do not often follow those specifications and that’s when all those collateral damages emerge because each truck comes bearing more weight than the allowed, which puts pressure on the roads, and at the end of the day the roads suffer changes because of that”.

Source: (05/18/2017 transpomex.mx)

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