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Illegal Tapping Founded In México City

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Although in México the most affected location by the illegal tapping of pipelines is Altamira, Tamaulipas; Mexico City is not exempt, since 2009 they have reports of this activity carried out by the ‘huachicoleros’.

Although Mexico City is not in the first places at national level, Mexico City already has reports of clandestine takeovers that worsen the problem of theft of fuel in the country. According to PEMEX data requested via Transparencia, the first reports of these incidents began in México City since 2009, with four cases. One of them was the famous clandestine takeover in the Anáhuac area, five blocks from the Executive Tower of PEMEX itself, found thanks to an anonymous complaint.

Thus, the list includes the delegations Tlalpan, Gustavo A. Madero, and even Miguel Hidalgo, among others. According to the information held by El Financiero, in 2016, up to 16 clandestine outlets were reported, and so far in 2017, ten irregular outbreaks have been reported. In total, from 2009 so far this year have been found 50 clandestine outlets in the capital.


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