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The satisfaction of each client is essential, for this we have an administrative and operational human capital that is fully trained, certified and committed in each process of our service. Click to see the complete information:


• Our operators are trained to handle full-units.

• Continuous training in safety and defensive driving.

• Customer service.

•Continuous training

•Recent Fleet

•Registered in IMSS according to CANACAR

•Market leader in payment per kilometer

•Productivity bonuses

•Resting facilities

•Formation in Total Quality Personal

•Satellite monitoring



We permanently develop new specialists in driving units.

•Simple operators who wish to specialize in Full Driving. •Those who have no experience in driving fifth wheel units.




Quickly meet the operator’s travel needs.

Ensures the communication of the maintenance, operations and monitoring departments and meets the operator’s needs.

Operation 24/7, 365 days a year.

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I joined this company two years ago, during this time I’ve gained good friendships; I’ve found great friends. Economically, I can say that I’ve achieved stability, the company is very good and the payment excellent. One of the most important things in my life is “the family”, recently I went through a health problem with my daughter, Peñón Blanco being a company that considers the stability and well being of the operator, supported me economically so that I could afford the treatment that my daughter needed and help her to recover quickly. In my thinking there’s always the phrase “look for solutions”, I try to solve everything within my reach, and I make everything so that the company does well “if the company grows, we also grow with it”.

To generate value means staying in the company. I have been working for this company for 36 years. My career began as a road operator and during 29 years I performed that position, achieving the record of zero accidents. Due to the effort and dedication that I contribute in my activities, I was given the opportunity to grow in the company offering me the opportunity to become “instructor of operators”, it is the position that I have been performing for 7 years now. I am happy with my work, I like what I do and I enjoy it a lot, I try to give my best everyday. I like to listen to the operators, I try to be partial, to see their well-being, to generate a good work environment. To all the operators to whom I have the opportunity to give the course I comment that in their hands they have the opportunity to “get to know this company, it is great, it is a place where you can grow and develop in all the aspects of your life, if you manage to be a good operator you will always be alright. ” I try to motivate them constantly to last more years than me. This company greatly supports its employees; in my case they contributed positively in my academic preparation; thanks to the support they gave me, I obtained my certificate of junior high school and high school, and they constantly give me training to improve my formation as an instructor and to give a better example every day.